This one's for the assholes in life /

Ashley Cooper (guess, not sure)

Jack Cooper
The Deoppressorliber
2122 Antique Ct.
Canton MI 48187-5826

So I enter an angreement to buy what is described as "AMX NXI NetLinx Master Integrated Controller + NXC-ME260." What I get is an AMX NXI with the NXC-ME, not the ME260. The ME260 has a CF card slot where you can swap the storage, and add to it. The ME does not.

So I contact them to ask for partial refund, since I went out of my way to find a unit identical to the beloved one I had. "Ashley" says sorry, AS-IS. She or "Jack" obviously copied the description from somewhere else, and stuck it on theirs. It's not, and they were not willing to make good on it. So yea, I'd say they are DISHONEST. They RIPPED ME OFF, and I'd say I'd avoid doing business with them.

Lesson learned is always use a credit card with paypal. Paypal's protection is non-existant, the only protection they offer is related to shipping, and that means the only protection they offer is to tell you to talk to the shipping company.

I have a PDF of the auction page. I'll post it here soon. Looking at the text I can see it doesn't match my AMX with the ME260 card, so they didn't have a model with the ME260. Picture isn't clear enough to read the text. I never thought to hound it that far because I generally trust people.

So if you get the chance, PAY IT FORWARD for me!