Welcome to the homepage of Ethan O'Toole (now)
telmnstr (1994) / Tele Monster (1989)

Welcome to my random homepage of stuff. Much of this hasn't been updated in a very long time. It's my goal to provide a good amount of useful stuff inbetween other fluff. As always, you can email me at ethan followed by the at sign, then 757 dot org.

  Personal Stuff

[Some Flickr photos] (Frozen in time due to Flickr buyout)
[Flickr Backup] (Flickr backup before they got bought out)
[My blog] Mostly a repair log
[Other Photos] Older photos (before flickr) - new window
[Links] Old link list

[Me on YouTube] My youtube videos - new window

[www.757Labs.com] Norfolk VA Hackerspace
[www.HRGeeks.com] Community site for geeks in Hampton Roads

  Projects (Very old project stuff!)

[P30 Postal Truck] Featured in MAKE Magazine
[Honda Accord Projects] Never ending hardare changes
[My next project] Just a wanted ad
[Phillips DVP642 I tried to make it run on 12vdc
[Soyo SPDIF SoundBlaster breakout board to Soyo mobo
[Electronic Links Page of electronics related links
[Bookshelf] Lots of documentation for the world

[Lasers - Part 1] The beginning of my laser hobby
[Lasers - Part 2] Continuation of my laser hobby
[Laser Photos] My photo collection of laser tinkering (New window)
[Intellabeam Hacking] A short project on an Intellabeam 400
[SIK-89 Review] Review of 120mw SIK-89 Laser unit (imported from China)
[Manuals] for intelligent fixtures and controllers that I use

[Manuals] Pinball and Arcade Files

  Music related files and links

[Keyboard / Synth / Tone Module / Percussion ] files galore!
[Behringer Ultracurve Ultramizer ] manuals
[General MIDI Files] files
[Saxophone related] files
[Guitar related] files
[Concert List] List of concerts I've been to

  Computer stuff (of course!)

[List of systems] A bit of a diary of my collecting days
[Cray J932SE Unicos] Dox for UNICOS for Cray J932SE

  SCUBA Diving Related
[Manuals] Any files
[Photos] See Flickr

States I've visited:
(Not including airport changes, emergency landings, etc).
(Need to stop visitng the same places and fill this thing out!)

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