Mainstream Concert List

(Doesn't include the small shows that often times were just as good as the large shows))

I'm trying to recreate this list from memory.
It will take a while to remember them all and lookup the dates/times.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts / Britny Fox - The Boathouse 4/12/1990
(Won tickets via 97 Star! (later format change to 97 Eagle)

Skid Row / Guns N Roses - Norfolk Scope

Maralyn Manson / Jim Rose Circuis / Nine Inch Nails - 26/11/94 - Hampton Colloseum

Blues Traveller / Lenny Kravitz / 311 / 08/30/1996 Virginia Beach Amphitheatre / Virginia Beach VA (H.O.R.D.E. TOUR).

Ozzfest - Danzig - Amplitheater (What year?)
3rd row center stage via connection

Kiss - Scope?

Type O Negative - The Abyss

Chemlab / Sister Machine Gun - The Abyss

Goo Goo Dolls / No Doubt / Bush - Hampton Colloseum
Won tickets via 93.7 The Coast

Metallica / Fear Factory / ? - Hampton Colloseum

They Might Be Giants - The Boathouse
This was a good show!

Nerf Herder / Weezer - The Boathouse

The Ramones - The Boathouse
This was a great show!

Uberzone / Crystal Method - Norva
Another great show!

Vanilla Ice - Peabodys
For the hell of it, nothing serious

Paul Okenfold - Norva
$300K in sound/lights my ass. The show itself wasn't super, but
had a great time with friends that went.

Thomas Dolby / Bryan Taylor - Norva
Met Thomas Dolby even!

The Blue Man Group - Ted Constant

The Blue Man Group - Luxor (Vegas)

And One / VNV Nation - Norva
Good show!