Favorite Websites

Some of my favorite and most visited websites and free software on the Internet are listed below.


  • Google - Web search service of choice
  • HRGeeks - for geek-oriented organizations in the Hampton Roads area
  • Slashdot - News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters
  • AlterSlash - Slashdot Digest
  • Digg - Like slashdot, but more democratic
  • Gmail - Webmail service of choice (by Google)
  • Google Docs - Features word processor, spreadsheets, and presentations (look into forms on spreadsheets to easily create surveys, RSVP forms, and more!)
  • Lifehacker - tools and tips for everyday digital [and non-digital] life
  • YouMail:)) - My replacement for Verizon voicemail. Free and easy to use, get all the features of your regular voicemail as well as links to listen to voicemails on the web in your email, toggle text notification of new messages, and a beta voicemail-to-text transcription service
  • DreamSpark, The Ultimate Steal, MSDN Academic Alliance, Microsoft Student Select, Microsoft Select, Microsoft Office Home and Student, and Academic Software Licensing through specialty retailers constitute various methods to get certain Microsoft or Adobe, Autodesk, VMWare, and other manufacturer's software for free or at a very reduced cost for students and sometimes other eligible individuals. Also, most major manufacturers such as HP, Dell, and Apple offer student purchasing programs. Other options and information may be available from your college or university or K-12 school district, or for home schooled students. Limitations on academic and student licensing and purchase programs often include a ban on commercial or for-profit usage of the product.


  • Firefox - The best browser out there, free and open source. Goes great with the Adblock Plus and NoScript extensions.
  • SRWare Iron - It's Google Chrome, but without all the creepy google tracking stuff. Download the adblock.ini at the following page to get built in ad blocking as well! At this time, Google Chrome and SRWare Iron are, hands down, the BEST browsers for rendering javascript-intensive websites like gmail and facebook
  • PortableApps - A wide variety of open source software, packaged neatly for Windows and easy to put on your USB key
  • OpenOffice.org - Free office software suite
  • Pidgin - The best IM client, with ad-free support for AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google talk, MyspaceIM, and more!
  • Veracrypt - Easily and safely encrypt files and data. (Successor product to TrueCrypt, since discontinued)
  • InfraRecorder - Easy and free CD burning utility for Windows
  • 7zip - Free archive manager for windows supporting most popular formats
  • GIMP - Free graphics editing software
  • IrfanView - Free graphics/photo viewing and editing software (easier to use than GIMP)
  • PDFCreator - Easily create PDF files from a virtual printer in Windows. (Note: Vista support coming soon)
  • Real Alternative and QuickTime Alternative allow you to view proprietary codecs in Windows without installing the bloated Apple or Real software.
  • NotePad++ - Because sometimes it's good to add features and functionality to software that has gone largely unchanged for over 20 years


  • Wikipedia - Encyclopedia By the People, For the People
  • YouTube and Google Videos - Free online videos (both owned by google)
  • Hulu - Free online videos of popular TV shows and movies, particularly those by NBC and FOX
  • SurfTheChannel - streaming video listing site
  • Zap2It - Register for customized TV listings right in your web browser
  • Radio Paradise - My favorite internet radio station.

Social Networking

  • Myspace - Very popular social networking service
  • Facebook - Very popular with college students, but open to all users
  • LinkedIn - For professional networking, including students, job seekers, etc.

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