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I'm looking for a surplus, running armored truck in the 1986 to 1992 range.

My ideal truck is an International / Navistar 4700 armored or Ford F-600 armored truck. This is similiar to the Brinks / Dunbar trucks I see in route, only older. Ideal is a route truck, that has a passthru between front and rear. I do not care about drop safe in the back. This truck will not be used in a commercial manner, so it will not be competing against any existing armored transport business. A dream for a company looking to get rid of one.

Other possibile trucks are Ford F-600 Armored, and GMC Armored trucks.

I have zero interest in vans. I'm looking for a truck in the USA.

I have zero interest in armored cars, or trucks that look like pickups. This includes F350. If the front looks like a pickup, I have no interest.

This is for a project. I've already contacted Dunbar, AT systems, Brinks and Loomis & Fargo. I almost had a 92 but the seller (ex-Berkshire) sold it to someone from Mexico. Still a bit bitter over that. I'm on a tight budget, and it was in reach.

Please email me if you have one you are looking to sell. My email address is Ethan followed by AT sign then Put "Armored Truck" in the subject line. You can see my Postal truck at