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I have no formal training in electronics, it is mainly just a hobby. The majority of the projects have something to do with interfacing to computer systems. This page is mostly links to a few projects, and information useful to me.

757.org projects
Christmas 2000: Computer interfaced Christmas lights from 2000.
Christmas 1999: Comptuer interfaced Christmas light from 1999.

Circuit board etching references
Ivex International Makers of WinBoard layout software.
Making Printed Circuit Boards Some references to using a plotter
Fast & Easy PCB Making Nice page with some plotter infos!

CNC, GCode, Stepper related links
http://www.cnczone.com CNC-Zone, AWESOME resource
http://www.imagetogcode.com/ Convert images to G-Code, $180, free trial
http://www.cncsimulator.com/info.shtml Impressive CNCSimulator! Free!
http://hans-w.com/modular.htm Modular stepper motor driver plans/code
www.kitsrus.com Sells kits, including motor drivers. US importers seem expensive?
http://www.8linx.com/cnc/electronics.htm Pics of various CNC hotwire foam cutting setups

HAM Radio Packet modem info
http://perso.wanadoo.fr/f5rrs/eq_baycom.html BayCom Micromodem
An MX614 Packet Modem