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Philips DVP642 modifications

Notice - this never worked :-) Don't attempt!!
High voltage (above 12vdc) is needed for the VFL display. Never got around it.

If you reduce your player to a smoldering pile of goo, don't blame me.

I was looking to modify a Cyberhome CH-DVD 300S to run on auto power. Unfortuantely the newer versions use a different chipset, and cannot play MPEG1 and MPEG2 files from a DVD disc that isn't an authored DVD. I was looking to the Symphonic and Apex units, to see if they could play the content (as they are small form factor), when I found a Philips DVP-642 display model for $52 at Walmart.

I knew it could play DivX, which was good. I didn't like the form factor, but figure a dremel tool could fix that.

Upon getting it home, I tossed in a disc and it played it. Shortly thereafter the cover was off and I was disconnecting the +12 and -12 leads, to see what would happen. Everything seemed good, but I had a sneaking suspicion. Generally the +/- pairs are associated with audio, and this was not an exception.

This isn't a finished project. I can report however that I have run this player with nothing more than 5vdc, and had stereo audio output. Without the final op-amp IC powered, the audio is lower than normal.

My power supply is going to use a standard 7912/7812 pair, and this should drive the opamp, while providing enough power to drive the AKC DAC chip.

Data sheets:
AKC 4381 DAC

RC-4558 op amp

Now for some obnoxiously large pictures.

Oh yea, Whats all of the empty solder pads?

One option appears to be a full suite of analog outputs eliminating
the need for an AC3 decoder. Front L+R, Center, Sub and Rear R+L.

Another header might be for some sort of audio processor board.

The top connector in the bottom picture appears like it could be for full
Red+Green+Blue outputs, which would be a great addition for someone looking
to drive a 3 gun CRT projector. The progressive scan Y+Pb/Cb+Pr/Cr is only
color difference. Only the green connector on the consumer players is suitable
for driving a CRT projector with R+G+B inputs.

t0c pointed out the video connector might be SCART, and the audio connector might
be for a kareoke(sp) version.