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Computer related (historical, technical) : SGI Indy modem cable info : SGI root disk mirror proceedure

Power monitoring : Home power monitor project (Ampmeter) : LCAP board information : Simple low-cost digital frequency meter (Harris 7224)
Commercial units : E-Mon Power Series

Lighting and Lasers (companies, technical, projects)
Laser Links : More of my links at my other site! : "Low cost" PC (Windows) laser graphics system

Lighting Links : Cheap DMX-512 controllers, strobes and fixtures : Linux DMX-512 software (seems basic) : /:a XScanMaster - Linux DMX-512 software, looks nice! : DMX-512 decoder chips (UK) : DMX-512 TTL output boards

MIDI stuff (for homebrew control) : 64 output, PIC based. : Midi to parallel TTL, 32 channels, $86 US : Peavey PC1600 MIDI controller info : German page, bILDA Windows software!

Video and Audio (recording, production, equipment)
Video : Digisuite LE, RT2000 : Adobe Premiere plugins : Links for dollys / stabilizer, etc : GREAT site with homebrew dollys / stabilizers / cranes!

Audio : Live recording article : Lots of good tips : Awesome MIDI search engine. 800,000 free files

Telephone and Telecom (historical, technical)
History, etc : Phone tribute site : Cold War Infrastructure of the Nation's Capital Region : Transatlantic cable info, including this link

Technical : Look up sites by CLLI! : Cisco ATA-186 VoIP endpoint docs : Info about analog tandem tie trunks : Good infos about analog bridges (Mentions TelLabs) : Conf bridge related

Gov't, Politics : Money education site, free books about bank system : "Four lies about social security" : Wal-Mart's Labor Record (true cost of Wal-Mart

Hampton Roads specific local Radio/TV station listing including owners

Misc. If I ever become rich, I want one too. A privately owned locomotive.