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I became interested in computers at an early age, and have carried the interest for a while. I started on Atari 8 bit computers, and switched to IBM PC compatible systems. Then as I got into auctions and thrift stores, over the years I've played with a wide variety of systems. People have kindly given me more systems as well. I got a number of the systems for free, or $5.

For years I ran a BBS called Multi-Media Madness. Telegard and Remote Access were the BBS programs used. I was also active on many local BBSes including Circius Maximus, Genesys and various others. First BBS called was probably the Chopper Base BBS. Many of the friends I am still in contact with today came from the 804/757 BBS scene.

Some of the systems below get their own story...

Systems currently in my collection
Atari 800xl (My first computer) (More Info)
Zenith Z-Noteflex (More Info)
Atari 130xe ($5 from Thrift store, used it with SIO2PC) (More Info)
SGI Indigo R3000 / Elan graphics (My first SGI) (More Info)
SGI Indigo R4000 / Entry graphics (dead PSU) (More Info)
DEC Multia (Purchased 2nd hand)
(More Info)
Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100 (Trade for telcom stuff) (More Info)
Kaypro/II (Ken gave it to me) (More Info)
NeXT mono slab (Thanks Ryan!) (More Info)
BeBox 66mhz (Incomplete, but still cool! Bart rules!) (More Info)
SGI Onyx VTX and RE^2, Various CPUs (Still got it) (More Info)
SGI Octane (Dual 300mhz R12k with MXI and SI+TRAM)(Props Paul!) (More Info)
SGI Indigo^2 Impact R10k (Nasa auction) (More Info)
Sun Ultra-2 (Came with above system) (More Info)
Sun e250 (Belonged to Parris Wood) (More Info)
Sun Sparcstation 2 ( (More Info)
Tatung Sun clone (!) (More Info)
Apple Newton (sort of) (More Info)
N|C Network Computer (Ellison/McNealy's dream, failed) (More Info)
Atari 65XE (More Info)
Commodore 64 (In original box) (More Info)
DEC Alphaserver (pretty beefy one) (More Info)
Macintosh SE (with tote bag) (More Info)
Apple G4 "Quicksilver" (Thanks Brian) (More Info)
Apple IIGS (Autographed by Woz (for real)) (More Info)
Cray J932se (More Info)
RS/6000 2u server (More Info)
SGI Origin 2000 16xR10k 4gb (More Info)

Systems that have been given away, maybe donated, probably not sold
Tandy 1000sx (family computer) (More Info)
Gateway 2000 386-25dx (More Info)
Zenith Z-100 (SBUS based, came from CHKD Thrift store)
(More Info)
Compaq Portable/III (Evil orange gas plasma screen) (More Info)
IBM RS/6000 7012-340 (memory cards impossible to get cheaply) (More Info)
Digital Equipment Corp Multia (Purchased 2nd hand)
(More Info)
Apple Macintosh IIFX, IIX, IIci, etc (CHKD Biz thrift store) (More Info)
Commodore Amiga 500 (Thrift store, demos!) (More Info)
Atari 1024st (Thrift store, B&W monitor :-( ) (More Info)
Sun Sparcstation 1 (My first Sun) (More Info)
Silicon Graphics 4d/480vgx (my first midrange! 220volt/8cpu) (More Info)
Silicon Graphics 4d/420 (Thanks antipent) (More Info)
Silicon Graphics Personal IRIS(es) (More Info)
DEC AlphaStation 1000, 1000A, 1100 (More Info)
Silicon Graphics Crimsons (NASA auction) (More Info)
Atari Portfolio (batteries leaked in it) (More Info)
Sun Sparcstation 2, ZX, IPX, IPC, and more (NASA Auctions) (More Info)
Amiga 2000 (Lots of docs and software/thanks ken) (More Info)
SGI Indys (Various!) (More Info)
SGI Indigo^2 R4k (Teal) (More Info)
SGI Onyxs (Still have one, had 3) (More Info)
AT&T Audix Voice Power (Audrey, "I'm sorry if your having trouble") (More Info)
SGI Challenge XLs (Twice the fun) (More Info)
SGI Challenge Ls (Thanks to Paul G!!!!) (More Info)
IBM AS/400 eSeries (RISC) (Thanks Lyman!) (More Info)
IBM AS/400s CISC (Props to Erin) (More Info)
Data General Aviion (More Info)
Sun E3000s (More Info)
Sun E250s (More Info)
Large Alphaserver (Need to get model #) (More Info)
Sun Netra T1 (More Info)
Cobalt RAQ3, RAQ4 (More Info)
SGI Challenge S (with Vault L) (More Info)
SGI Origin 200 (More Info)
MASPAR w/ DecStation 5000 (More Info)
Cray J932SE (3 of them) (More Info)
This list is very incomplete, and I will be listing pictures and stories that go along with each in a while. Most of the systems are not ones used in our business, I left those out.